I have always had an interest in technology. I was the kid at school who had all the gadgets, when other people were saving their money to buy a car I was saving for a Pocket PC (remember them). Messing around with computers and software is what I do for fun.

I have a degree in Rocket Science (yes really), a Masters degree in Audio Acoustics and I spent 7 years working as an Acoustic Consultant. Although life as an Acoustic Consultant was interesting, it didn’t involve enough of what I enjoyed doing every day, namely doing interesting things with technology. So I left that career and did a Masters degree in Computer Science at Newcastle University. As it turns out I was pretty good at that and even ended up building a laser wielding robot for my dissertation project! After I completed the Masters I was accepted onto the inaugural year of Newcastle University's Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Cloud Computing for Big Data.

I have just completed the first year of the CDT, a taught MRes, with courses in big data analysis, machine learning and cloud computing. I am now starting my PhD, which looks at elastic scaling against dynamic workloads in complex event processing systems. This is focused on maintaining end-to-end latency in large scale Internet of Things deployments. More details can be found on my PhD outline page. In my spare time I am working on a few other projects and I still like to mess around writing fiction from time to time.

Recent Posts

Dual Booting Ubuntu and Windows on Surface Pro 3
03 Mar 2015

As part of my PhD I was generously given a brand new Microsoft Surface Pro 3. Unfortunately, as I have been an Ubuntu user for the better part of a decade, using Windows again was a less than optimal experience. Having read many blog posts about the Surface 3 hardware not being supported by the current Ubuntu kernel I resolved to wait and battle on with Windows 8.1. However, after a sever bout of yak shaving I managed to get the latest 15.04 beta 2 working (mostly).

Installing Microsoft Azure Command Line Tools on Ubuntu
01 Dec 2014

As part of my MRes I am using Microsoft's Azure cloud platform. I had a few issues getting the command line tools to work so I am posting the solution here to save other people the bother.

EuroVision Sweepstakes Python Application
11 May 2014

Every year I use the great sonic festival that is EuroVision as an excuse to get my friends together and have a laugh. In an effort to make things more interesting I run a sweepstake, every one chips in a few pounds and the countries in the final are divided evenly between the group, with whoever was allotted the winning country taking home the pot. The allocation of countries originally took the form of the tried and tested "paper in a hat" method. However, now that I am computer science student, I thought there must be a way to do this more efficiently......and if not efficiently at the very least more "Techy".