Using glossaries with Pandoc Markdown

Posted on Sat 02 March 2019 in misc

I am writing my thesis in Pandoc Markdown and in order to make life easier for my readers I want use the Latex glossaries package. But I don't want backslashes and { } messing up my markdown. So I wrote a Pandoc filter.

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Big Data Analytics - Stream Processing Lecture

Posted on Tue 05 February 2019 in misc

I was invited to give a lecture to this years CSC8101 Big Data Analytics course on real time stream processing.

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Posted on Wed 18 July 2018 in misc

During my internship with Twitter's Real Time Compute team I created a service that would allow incoming traffic levels to a topology to be predicted and the performance effect of that traffic level on the topology assessed. The code for this service, called Caladrius, has just been open sourced!

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Starting My Twitter Internship

Posted on Tue 20 February 2018 in misc

Yesterday I started my internship with the Real Time Compute team at Twitter! I will be working to apply the findings of my performance modelling research of Apache Storm topologies to Twitter's Heron system.

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Twitter Heron and Dhalion

Posted on Sat 01 July 2017 in misc

Two recent papers have given more detail on Heron (the successor to Storm). I am hoping my work on Storm can transfer to Heron and particularly Dhalion, the newly proposed auto-scaling system for Heron.

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Python North East - The Next Generation

Posted on Wed 01 March 2017 in misc

This month I officially take the reins of the Python North East user group. Myself and Scott Walton are taking over from Rowan Hargreaves and Kieran Darcy's fine stewardship.

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Hacking Happiness

Posted on Wed 18 January 2017 in misc

Yesterday I took part in a hack-a-thon hosted by the Digital Catapult and the Royal Society. It was based on the premise of using data analysis and technology to try and measure and improve happiness. It was a great event, with lots of teams from all different disciplines and backgrounds. I was part of a team from Newcastle University, as well as members from Brighton and Central St. Martins. Our idea was to create an app that could find the happiest route between two points, avoiding high pollution areas and preferring green spaces. The judges liked it so much they declared us the winners!

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Back from DEBS 2016

Posted on Mon 20 June 2016 in misc

I had an amazing time at DEBS 2016! It was great to meet other researcher's in my field, discuss my ideas (and have them dissected), make some new friends and even met the lead developer of Twitter's Real Time Analytics. Also my doctoral symposium paper has now been published as part of the DEBS proceedings, so I am official a published researcher!

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DEBS 2016 - Doctoral Symposium

Posted on Thu 05 May 2016 in misc

I am going to my first academic conference! Distributed Event Based Systems (DEBS) in Irvine, California which takes place at the end of June this year. I will be presenting as part of their Doctoral Symposium, where I will explain the basis, current progress and future plan for my PhD research and get feedback from experts in the field!

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Python North East - Introduction to Apache Spark

Posted on Wed 11 November 2015 in misc

This post contains links and basic tutorials for the November Python North East talk, Introducing Apache Spark.

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